I fell in live with melancholy∞

I haven’t written in a while. or painted or taken a photo or drawn something really worthwhile. But, since you and I parted ways, I’ve been to a baseball game. I’ve seen the sand glow and the waves glow an electric blue as vibrant as my healthy healing heart, good as new. I’ve admired a beautiful man’s beautiful silhouette as the moonlight gave him a literal silver lining, my literal silver lining. I ran arms spread wings spanning what seemed like the whole world the curves of the Earth face first into the freezing ocean an hour before dawn with a man I hardly knew after dancing in foam and sweat and beer all night. I walked along the shore with another, sat on sandy chairs with another, made a friend out of one just like me. I made sparks turn into fireworks turn into flames turn into atom bomb explosions with one as he lay me down in the sand and showed me what I needed the intensity I had always craved rawsensualfilthypassionate we took and gave and were a part of one another while being at one with the sand the love the night the Earth. I went to a local beach that everyone raves about but is really just crap but I went and with you all we did was watch movies and canoodle. Not that that’s a bad thing, anything else seemed like a chore for you to explore the world with me. All I want to do is explore. I want to explore old new not-so-old not-so-new…but not with you. We are not one we do not jive and that’s okay because we all run on our wave lengths some biggersmallerwiderthinner, whatever. All I know is that the new you comes in multiples and somehow irreplaceable became just a tiny scar while the rest of me welcomes happy scars tanned skin full notebooks broken pencils sweaty palms suggestive glances and sore lungsfeetabscheekslips, but not heart.



New York - based Photographer Michael Alan.

Michael creates his own assignments as he documents his primarily urban environment in an attempt to freeze the intimate moments which reveal the many colors and feelings that make up the human spirit.

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NOPENOPE: sentences on conceptual art by Sol Lewitt


1- Conceptual Artists are mystics rather than rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach

2- Rational judgments repeat rational judgments

3- Illogical judgments lead to new experiences

4- Formal Art is essentially rational

5- Irrational thoughts should be followed absolutely…

Liu Bolin - Hiding in the City Series

  • No. 92 - Temple of Heaven, 2010
  • No. 88 - Sawmill, 2010
  • No. 89 - Forbidden City, 2010
  • No. 95 - Coal Pile, 2010

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